Create a Shift in Performance and Productivity: Try & Implement Agility

5 years ago, Jan Sølvberg from Norway and I met in Austria and we started our exciting discussion on Agile thinking and acting. We asked people in various organizations for their experience and got enthusiastic feedback. We were encouraged that agile principles could not only be used for IT projects but also very be advantageous for marketing activities, organization development, process optimization, and speeding up change programs.

Challenging situations occur for agile teams when they are surrounded by line organizations which make them suffer from hierarchical values and behaviors: decisions expected top down, silos refusing involvement, position and seniority over expertise, information withheld, work overload. Nevertheless, the people we asked were convinced: Agile working would impact the rest of the organization. Via breakthrough strategies, transformation processes or silent revolutions.


This applies to traditional industry that are forced to overcome old patterns in declining markets as well as to organizations that have to be able to react quickly to volatile business conditions. And it is a great approach for start-ups that have to develop consistent processes.


Based upon such experiences, we started to develop a rapid, iterative program, and discussed it with professionals in our European network. The program provides you with 10 steps, from understanding the big strategic picture and ranking the issues up to delivering results and further developing the agile and learning culture in your organization.


It explores the needs of the organization and involves different thinking. It forces you to set priorities and to match your activities with your limited time resources. Finally, it connects quick success with sustainable learning of agile working. Thus, it becomes a continuous loop that supports you working on the cutting edge of your business.


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